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Steve Golosin, a software engineer at Actual SEO Media, Inc., believes that a strong team and effective communication are critical for high-quality web development.

The most effective teams are those whose members can collaborate well and complement each other’s strengths.

Assembling a balanced web development team is a critical step to ensuring that a website will look good and function well. Every project is different, though, and it’s important to recruit team members with relevant skills and experience. Actual SEO Media, Inc.’s Steve Golosin, a software engineer with extensive experience building WordPress plugins using PHP and Javascript, offers insight into how companies can ensure that their web development teams are well-rounded and equipped for any project.

  • Complementary Skills are the Foundation of an Effective Team

A web development team should always be comprised of members who each bring something different to the table. Building a web application is not just about code, for instance, and ensuring that an application looks presentable to users also requires hiring people with experience in both UX and layout design. “No one member is more important than any other,” Steve says. “The ability to strategize and work together is what makes a development team the most effective.” Depending on a project’s requirements, a web development team’s members should each specialize in a specific area so they can complement the skills of the other members.

The types of specialists required on a web development team depend on the project they’re tackling, though. A company’s clients may ask for websites that focus more on aesthetic appeal, while others may emphasize a greater need for functionality. Every project is different, and knowing what a client is looking for in a web application is essential for assembling an effective development team.

  • Factors to Consider when Building a Team

Before assembling the team that will handle a particular project, it’s important to know exactly what that project entails. When it comes to building web applications, for example, what types of functions should the application be able to perform? Remembering the “big picture” and considering the goals of a project will help clarify which types of specialists should be recruited for a development team.

Web applications consist of a front end and a back end, neither of which should be neglected. While an application’s back end holds the inner workings of how the application functions, the front end is just as important and can make or break a user’s experience. Recruiting members with design and UX experience is a critical step to ensuring that web applications are usable and presentable.

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